An Allyship Programme To Create Inclusive Organisations

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Allyship is a simple principle which can transform the workplace for individuals from minority or underrepresented groups. WLUK has been funded by Milton Keynes Council to support local businesses to consider how allyship can help them create a more inclusive workplace in which women can thrive and hence moving towards gender parity. 

Anyone has the potential to be an Ally. Male Allies recognise that they have a role to play in progressing gender equality in the workplace and beyond. They acknowledge privilege and advocate for change. Sessions are not exclusively for male leaders, as we can all learn more about how to support women in the workplace better either by culture or process changes.

The programme consists of a 2-hour workshop event with your organisation’s senior leaders. For smaller businesses, there is the opportunity to join a group session with other small business owners.

Special thanks to Gamiel Yafai (MD Diversity Marketplace) for supporting the Allyship Programme

 Funded by: Milton Keynes Council

Programme Objectives


Become aware of why there is a need for Allies


 Support Women by acknowledging your privilege


 Learn how our biases and blind spots manifest in microaggressions


Discover where you are on the Allyship Scale


 Commit to putting learning into action 


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