Written by Zoe Mills

I like to plan changes, so I really didn’t like the sudden changes that we all had to make. I don’t like not being in control and I don’t like being told what I can and cannot do.

Fortunately, I also know that good mental health is really important – I work in HR and we talk about this a lot. I’ve also learned when my own mental health is not good it negatively impacts on not just me but my family too. To help me, I run (slowly!) everyday to give me time and clarity to think and focus. I’ve kept this going throughout lockdown, I’ve really needed it! Running helps me to slow down my thoughts, reflect on what has happened and order the day. I’m also trying to apply positive framing to my thoughts.

Its been a roller-coaster, as I am sure it has been for everyone. I have felt overwhelmed with having to home-school and work from home. I then felt disposable and a bit lost when I was furloughed. I then felt relieved that I could solely concentrate on home-schooling the kids in what we’ve affectionately called the “School of Mama Mills”. There have been times of utter frustration with my kids and times if I am honest, I’ve really not enjoyed it and then I’ve beaten myself up for not cherishing the moment.  My low point was when my daughter who is 6 wrote in her school diary that she hated being home school by me!


As I run, I re-frame and see the positive.

  • I may prefer to have a plan, but I don’t have to have one
  • I am lucky as my family, friends and work colleagues are Covid19 free.
  • I’ve followed all the government rules to protect the people I love and care about
  • I’ve supported the future longevity of the company where I work by going on furlough.
  • My appreciation of teachers has increased a million fold. I’m a parent not a teacher and that’s OK.
  • I have created a safe environment for my children, where then can be honest and are able to share how they feel. This is good for their mental health.
  • Milton Keynes with it’s beautiful open green parks and red routes, is a the best place to run, clear my head, reframe and start a positive day.


How are you looking after your mental health?

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