Written by Shalom Lloyd

It is so easy to give up because COVD19 has hit us all from a personal level and as SMEs. As entrepreneurs, our resilience, our strength, our value, our USPs have been put to the test.

I almost didn’t release our ‘Story’ video but it hit me that this is really the right time to put ourselves out there. All this hard work cannot be for nothing!

A wonderful friend asked me a question yesterday – ‘given the current situation and the impact on your business, what would you do differently?’

The answer came surprisingly easy to me – ‘Not much! If anything, this has shown me that we were doing the right things. Our foundation, our journey, our business model, our products – are all built on sustainability, ethical sourcing, giving back value, loving our planet, efficacy, robust value chain and love for what we do’.

This is our story! This is the company I am building! This is your invitation to JoinTheTribe!

Proudly British! Strong African Heritage! 

So don’t just like it, tell me what works and what doesn’t and if you really like it, share the hell out of it for me 😊

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